Twitter brings @Twitter’s irreverent tone to Times Square’s billboards

Twitter has rolled out an out-of-home campaign in New York City’s Times Square to promote the fresh, irreverent tone of voice of its flagship @Twitter account.

Twitter will showcase actual tweets from the account on light-up billboards in Times Square. The tweets aim to reflect the ‘lighter, more conversational nature’ of the Twitter brand, according to a press release.

Examples of tweets slated for broadcast include ‘Is this thing on?’ and ‘Who’s up?’ as well as a retweet of Stephen King’s assertion that ‘Graffiti is the Twitter of the streets’.

The platform has noted a 14-fold increase in replies to @Twitter’s tweets since it switched up its strategy to one that leans deeper into the power of conversation. Other brands, such as Netflix, Burger King and, famously, Wendy’s, have taken the same approach of conversing like a user on Twitter, rather than publishing like a company.

A Twitter spokesperson said: “We liked our Tweets, so we made them bigger.”

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