Adidas wrestles with Vince McMahon's familiar Alpha Entertainment logo

German sports giant Adidas is muscling in on entertainment mogul Vince McMahon's efforts to launch a brand that would house his take on American football.

McMahon's Alpha Entertainment would relaunch his failed XFL venture, his reimagination of the NFL - however, Adidas has taken exception to his newly registered logo for the company.

Adidas has contacted the US Patent and Trademark Office to block McMahon's logo on the grounds that it has a similarity to the famous Adidas three-stripe logo that resembles a sloping mountain to signify the climb to greatness.

According to SE Scoops, Adidas has until 6 March 2019 to file against the logo.

It puts spanner in the works for the return of the wrestling chief's failed family-friendly football venture. The 8 team roster is set to return to screens in 2020 after a 19-year absence.