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The Biz Dev 100: Paul Veltman, business development & relationship director, We Are Vista

Welcome to The Biz Dev 100, powered by The BD 100, which aims to recognize and celebrate important role played in the media and marketing industry by those who source and bring in new customers and keep the fortunes of businesses on track.

Paul Veltman: We Are Vista

Below is Paul Veltman, one of those at the top of their field who work in the UK biz dev sector.

Name: Paul Veltman

Job Title: business development & relationship director

Agency: We Are Vista

What were your highlights of last year?

Driving exponential growth across the Vodafone UK Account Winning the VOXI Account Winning the Vodafone Global Enterprise Account Winning the King Entertainment Account Winning the SAP Account Winning the DXC Technology Account Winning the EY Account

What has been your most memorable win - and why?

Winning the Vodafone Global Enterprise account was a huge moment. This partnership involved working closely with leaders from 12 different countries to develop the future vision and purpose for VGE over the next 2 years, together with delivering a creative and engaging communication strategy to the world.

How would you describe your approach to business development?

My approach is to be able to tell a good story and customise it my audience. I am always able to show a strong knowledge of my clients businesses, their industry and their competitors. I make sure i can add value through understanding their challenges and being proactive in creating opportunities where they may not currently exist. Once you realise that businesses are run by people just like you and that business development is just another term for building relationships you have all you need to be successful. ......oh and a little bit of luck goes a long way

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

People do business with people they have 10 seconds go!

What would be your number one tip to anyone starting in business development?

Like a great relationship business development is about the long term, but also like a great relationship, there will be bumps along the way. To truly succeed in business development you have to be willing to weather the storm, especially the first 12 months as this will be the hardest it will ever be. Once you get past it and yes it will pass! It will become the thing that drives you every if you're really good, the money isn't too bad either When you first start, make sure you latch onto the highest performer in your business. Find out what makes them so successful and learn from them. Stay organised, manage your time like it was costing you money and most of all don't sell to people, just have really good conversations.

What is your new business soundtrack?

24k Magic by Bruno Mars

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