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LinkedIn reveals UK’s ‘top voices’ for 2018


By John Glenday | Reporter

November 21, 2018 | 4 min read

LinkedIn has scoured its network for the past year to deliver a fourth annual update on the platforms ‘top voices’, a list of UK members who have done most to drive engagement within their chosen fields.


LinkedIn reveals UK’s ‘top voices’ for 2018

Compiled by a partnership between the LinkedIn Flagship Relevance the process involved trawling through the 2m posts, videos and articles uploaded each day and the accompanying tens of thousands of comments these elicit each hour – not to mention tens of millions of associated shares and likes.

Through all of this LinkedIn assesses factors such as follower growth, quality and diversity to arrive at their conclusions, a process which saw Disruptive HR CEO Lucy Adams rise to the top courtesy of a one-woman crusade against jargon using the hashtag #nobullshithr.

These efforts were followed by Smart Cookie Media founder Somi Arian whose favourite conversation starter is the culture clash between established brands and millenials. Also included is Electric Vehicles Outlook founder Roger Atkins who loves nothing molre than to keep his 250,000 followers abreast of the latest electric vehicle news.

In a blog post daily news managing editor Katie Carroll wrote: “Every year new voices rise to the top – and there’s nothing stopping you from turning your own ideas into powerful conversations. Use these Top Voices as guides. Ask a question, share a quick thought, post an interesting statistic or show people what’s inspiring you. There’s a community out there ready to give their own perspectives; all you have to do is put yourself out there to connect.”

The finished list takes account of the period from mid-September 2017 to mid-September 2018 and excludes LinkedIn and Microsoft employees.

LinkedIn’s Top Voices in the UK in 2018:

Lucy Adams, CEO, Disruptive HR

Somi Arian, Founder, Smart Cookie Media

Roger Atkins, Founder, Electric Vehicles Outlook

Yuval Atsmon, Chief Customer Officer, Globality

Steve Blakeman, Managing Director, Global Accounts, OMD

John Bird, Founder, The Big Issue

Duena Blomstrom, Co-Founder, Emotional Banking and PeopleNotTech

Simon Chan, Founder, DigiVue Consulting

Jane Frankland, Managing Director, Cyber Security Capital

Alexandra Galviz, Co-Founder, LocalX

Lynda Gratton, Professor of Managing Practice, London Business School

Harriet Green, Head of Asia Pac, IBM

Mark Gregory, Chief Economist, EY UK

David Hunt, CEO and founder, Hyperion Executive Search

Leena Nair, Chief Human Resources Officer, Unilever

Danielle Newnham, Co-founder, F Equals

Sharon O’Dea, Co-founder, Lithos Partners

Adam Rubins, CEO, Way to Blue

Lex Sokolin, Global Director, Fintech Strategy

Carol Stewart, Executive, Abounding Solutions

Sue Unerman, Chief Transformation Officer, MediaCom

Lisa Unwin, Founder and CEO, She’s Back

Tendayi Viki, Managing Partner, Benneli Jacobs

Jonathan A.J. Wilson, Professor, GSM London and Hult International Business School

Jan Zijderveld, CEO, Avon

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