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Domino’s visualises what tastebuds say when trying its new cheeseburger pizza

Domino's Pizza shows what the tastebuds are thinking

Domino’s Pizza has released a cheeseburger pizza along with a vivid marketing campaign designed to visualise the tastebuds of those trying the fusion food.

‘The Official food of WTF!’ campaign from VCCP will rally around a series of social films that promote how its pizza makes tasters feel.

Split-screen videos show people taste the pizza while the top half of the frame shows the "world of WTF-ness that has been unleashed".

It claims that customers will experience the dissonance of eating a pizza that tastes like a cheeseburger.

The online and social campaign is also accompanied by radio ads that vocalise the internalised thoughts of a pizza taster. The pizza is made from double ground beef, fresh tomatoes, red onions, sliced gherkins and drizzled with Domino’s special burger sauce.

The campaign will run via CRM, on social and radio.

Tony Holdway, sales and marketing director of Domino’s said: "The Cheeseburger pizza is one of our biggest product launches of the year, and our marketing really encapsulates the Domino's brand – innovative and fun."

Jessica Aspinall, business director at VCCP, added: “This is the first of many exciting new products we are helping Domino’s to launch over the next 12 months- the cheeseburger pizza really does need to be tried to be believed and the campaign really brings this to life.”

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