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CP+B's Alex Bogusky issues wrestling challenge to Gary Vaynerchuck

Alex Bogusky issues wrestling challenge to Gary Vaynerchuck

Alex Bogusky, having only recently announced his return to CP+B earlier this year, is making headlines once again after issuing a challenge to wrestle Vayner Media founder Gary Vaynerchuck.

The challenge was sent by Bogusky in a Twitter video where the chief creative engineer appeared to be training in a boxing ring while eating a cookie.

He said: “Gary Vaynerchuck, Gary Vee, you’re a smart cookie and you know how to hustle, that’s good, I know how to hustle too you know. I know how to crush it too. You crush it. I do advertising, you do ‘advertising’. Truth is Chuck, I can’t disagree with a god damned thing you’ve said. I respect the hell out of you. But maybe my favorite thing about you V Chuck is you like to grind. Griiiiiinnnddd.

You and me in the ring, pro wrestling-style, grinding for as long as it takes to determine an undisputed world grinding champion. I win, you give up social media for a week. You win, I wear a VaynerMedia shirt for a week. But that ain’t ever gonna happen Gary, because when I get to grinding, oh Gary, when I get to grinding the cookie crumbles.”

He then crushed the cookie in his right hand before eating it. Bogusky added that the event would take place on 10 December in Boulder with $10,000 being donated to Vaynerchuck’s favorite charity should he compete.

Prior to this call out, Bogusky had challenged WWE star The Rock, who has recently launched his own agency, for a match, but was seemingly relieved not to have had that challenge accepted. Vaynerchuck had also declined to respond to the challenge at the time of writing despite having tweeted since it was issued.

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