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Brazil, Latvia & Singapore pressure Zuckerberg to give evidence on political interference

Brazil, Latvia & Singapore pile pressure on Zuckerberg to give evidence on political interference

An international coalition is piling pressure on Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg to give evidence to officials investigating the spread of disinformation and election meddling on the social platform after Brazil, Latvia and Singapore became the latest countries to sign up to an ‘international grand committee’.

The trio join officials from Britain, Canada, Australia, Ireland and Argentina who have agreed to convene a hearing on 27 November in London to discuss the scale and impact of malpractice on Facebook but repeated invitations for Zuckerberg to attend in person have been rebuffed.

Turning down the latest request a Facebook UK spokesperson said: “Thank you for the invitation to appear before your Grand Committee. As we explained in our letter of November 2, Mr. Zuckerberg is not able to be in London on November 27th for your hearing and sends his apologies.”

In an attempt to pin down the elusive CEO officials have offered to accept testimony via video link instead but on this Facebook has yet to respond.

Zuckerberg has already refused an invitation to speak at a UK government hearing on the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, despite threats of a formal summons being made, choosing to provide written answers instead.

This followed appearances before the US Congress and European Union Parliament.

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