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The Drum Recommends: Commended - Media Bounty get the conversation started for Lights by TENA

Using micro-insights to shine a light on little leaks

Today The Drum Recommends: Commended is highlighting Media Bounty who worked with Lights by TENA to shine a light on little leaks.

In this series, we explore the finest work created by The Drum Recommended agencies. We will highlight top case studies each week to guide and inspire you in your journey to select a new agency relationship.

Earlier this year the Recommended Agency Register (RAR) was rebranded as The Drum Recommends to bring it in line with owner The Drum. It remains committed to partnering brands with the correct agency using data and unique industry expertise.

This case study and other interesting content can be found on Media Bounty's profile on The Drum Recommends.

The Insight:

Little leaks are a reality that one in 3 women face, at some point in their lives. They often come about after child birth. But no one seemed to be talking about it.

The Approach:

We embarked on a major listening project, before working with key influencers to get the conversation going. We then built (and continue to build) our digital comms platform around the micro-insights gathered.

The Output:

The #NOONETOLDME creative platform, highlighting all the things that go unsaid and encouraging women to share their own stories.

The Results:


500 stories shared in 6 weeks

IPSOS measures of Femininity and Relevance up YOY

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