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What if Ikea, Apple and Carlsberg redesigned Santa’s sleigh?


By Katie Deighton, Senior Reporter

November 15, 2018 | 4 min read

Not content with the festive season's current levels of commercialisation Red Letter Days has reimagined Santa’s airborne sleigh through the eyes of Carlsberg, Ikea, Ferrari, Red Bull and Apple’s design teams.

If Carlsberg designed Santa’s Sleigh

If Carlsberg did sleighs...

The gifting company has designed five new sleigh concepts and uploaded them in 360 to a dedicated microsite. The brand was inspired by academic research that found it would realistically take Santa a total of six months to deliver presents around the world.

The result is five heavily-branded sledges, including the Sladtür and iSleigh, that prove a strong, global brand can be applied to just about anything.

From Ikea: the Sladtür


"The Sladtür sleigh offers a light flight, with plenty of storage and a minimalist style. Taking inspiration from the Scandinavian brand, Santa is ready to go with a self-build flat pack sleigh and a hex key complete with the brand’s primary colour palette storage units.

"We imagine the brand to stick with traditions and have the sleigh powered by Reindeer magic, but offering a more comfy ride with extra lighting to better guide his way. The flat pack style allows Santa to easily pack his transport away during the less busy months."

From Apple: the iSleigh


"The Apple iSleigh, with a no-nonsense smooth design, brings the sleigh into the future with its hi-tech gadgets and crisp white feel. With a top-of-the-range navigation system, Siri on hand, and virtual gifts transported and stored in the cloud, this AI powered sleigh will bring Father Christmas in to the 21st Century."

From Carlsberg: ‘Probably the Best Sleigh in the World’


"If Carlsberg designed Santa’s Sleigh, it would probably be the best in the world. Move aside reindeer because the lightening-fast unicorn has taken over ensuring a magical journey around the world.

"The mobile man-cave comes equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system, comfy leather seats, beer (non-alcoholic) on tap, outdoor heaters, and festive lighting. The can-shaped sleigh presents plenty of storage making it the best in the world – probably."

From Ferrari: the F1 SLGH18


"With just 12 hours on the clock and 2.2 million children to deliver a present to, Santa may need some speed behind him to finish off the task. Inspired by Ferrari, the F1 SLGH18 delivers 660 reindeer power at 8,000rpm.

"Santa Claus will be delivering presents at record-speed with the SLGH18’s super-charged engine and soft landing with his new ski’s. The new sleigh is already in festive spirit, sporting the red look and sponsored by Santadeer and Bell.

From Red Bull: ‘Because Reindeer Don’t Have Wings’

Red Bull

"Fuelled by sugar, caffeine, taurine and B vitamins the Red Bull upgraded sleigh won’t need reindeer. This unique design will propel Father Christmas across the skies fully equipped with a high-performance snowboard for a more adventurous present delivery service."

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