Ubisoft and DDB Paris rap about the Assassin's Creed's underappreciated NPCs

Assassin's Creed Odyssey, the adventure video game set in ancient Greece, is celebrating the non-player characters (NPC) that flesh out the world using a catchy rap.

DDB Paris developed European creative called 'My Life as an NPC' which explores those in-game individuals "who are knocked around, looted, cheated, robbed and killed".

Paying tribute to these characters, a mainstay in any open-world game, the agency looked to draw attention to how fleshed out each NPC's AI is. By doing so, it hopes to drive Christmas sales to players keen to run wild in Ubisoft's new crafted, reactive world.

The characters, from grassy plains to chaotic warzones, describe the ups and downs of being on the periphery of the adventure.

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