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Google launches smart campaigns in Google Ads to simplify ad buying for SMBs across Asia Pacific


By Shawn Lim, Reporter, Asia Pacific

November 7, 2018 | 3 min read

Google has today rolled out its ‘Smart campaigns’, designed for small-to-medium businesses (SMB) looking to get started with online advertising, across the Asia Pacific.


‘Smart campaigns’ will save SMB’s time when they set up a campaign and drives results like calls and actions on their website.

According to the tech giant, the ‘Smart campaigns’ will save SMB’s time when they set up a campaign and drives results like calls, actions on their website and visits to their stores. This is already live in the United States.

SMBs will be able to connect with new customers who are looking for information related to their business on Google Search and Maps and get discovered through Google Partner Sites. To do this, the SMB will first have to select the goal (calls, store visits, actions on their website), pick a business category, set the location advertisers want to promote their business in, edit the ad text, and set the budget.

Google will automatically select the right keywords and optimise the bidding strategy to bring the best results within the designated budget. It will then help SMBs track the performance of their ads, write more ad variations, and make necessary adjustments to their campaign settings through machine learning.

If an SMB owner wants to launch a campaign but does not know what images and text to use in their ads, all they need to do is enter their existing assets, including images, logos, headlines, and descriptions. Google’s Image Picker then helps test combinations of images and text to get the best results their display ads.


At a media conference at Google’s Asia Pacific headquarters today, Kim Spalding, the global product director for SMB at Google, shared how she was once an SMB owner who ran a winery with her husband in Washington.

She found they spent most of their time on other aspects of the business, like to trying to find the right customers and working with restaurants and distributors and account, instead of focusing on the craft of making wine.

“We turned to Google Ads, but we had a hard time finding the right keywords. That is why, our vision at Google now is to deliver really valuable, simple and intuitive tools for businesses of sizes. While simplicity is important for all businesses, it is critical for businesses that are small,” she explained.

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