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Friends and strangers gang up to get germ-infested New Yorkers to CityMD

If a bunch of friends and family, and a few near-strangers, made a video that they were all concerned about your health, would you finally head to the doctor? That kind of peer pressure is behind a campaign for CityMD, the New York metro area’s largest urgent care provider.

Inspired by statistics showing that a majority of millennials aren’t going to the doctor, but rather, are walking around sick trying to self-diagnose, CityMD has launched ‘You Need Some CityMD.’ The campaign, created by indie agency Terri & Sandy, features pleas to sick individuals from their family, friends, and loved ones to go to CityMD so they can feel better and stop spreading whatever it is they have. The campaign touts CityMD as the antidote to the broken medical system, offering fast access to high-quality medical professionals, fast referrals to excellent specialists, and kinder treatment along the way.

The campaign kicks off during the heart of flu season with a spot called ‘People Who Know Meredith Carlson.’ It showcases the unseen woman’s extended family and friends, complete with her roommate, ride-share driver, and last online date, urging her to go CityMD to care for her deep cough, which they fear could be contagious.

The pleas continue in a series of 15-second spots running on TV, social, and paid digital video.

In addition, a series of transit posters will hit NYC subways and the Long Island Railroad — two breeding grounds for germs — on December 1, showcasing pleas, in the form of bold, graphic letters, to a multitude of sick or injured individuals, directing them to the nearest CityMD to tend to their ailments. Consumers are also invited to submit their own sick-person pleas via the brand’s Twitter account.

A recent Morning Consult study showed that over 56% of Americans feel the health care system does not work for them. In addition, nine out of 10 millennials are avoiding going to the doctor because they think it’s easier to self-diagnose and treat rather than wait to gain access to a doctor, according to a study from Zocdoc.

“At CityMD, we believe that everyone should have access to quality, convenient medical care," said Julie Kang, the company's senior vice president of sales and marketing. "CityMD works for the patient to serve them kinder, faster, and with the most affordable options that meet the changing needs of today's busy consumers.

Sandy Greenberg, cofounder and co-chief executive of Terri & Sandy, added: “We decided to put a humorous twist on a serious situation. People aren’t getting the medical attention they need because the system is broken. And that’s affecting not just sick individuals but everyone who cares about them.”

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