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The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award and Dragon Rouge launch global education campaign

Dragon Rouge has launched a global campaign for The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award at the triennial global Forum in Ghana, utilising the voices of its worldwide participants and volunteers.

The campaign aims to drive a strong sense of ‘global collaboration’ across the Award network and champion the importance of non-formal education in helping to prepare young people for the world. The call to action campaign was launched with a film, compiled using the footage shot by those involved in the Award around the globe.

Dragon Rouge created a range of elements for the phased campaign. A starter kit was sent to all national award operators (NAOs) to encourage their participation and give tips on how to film the footage. The film was created from the footage and supporting five second stings helped boost the campaign on social media and excite audiences at the event in Ghana. A campaign toolkit was also created so that each NAO could create digital and print assets in the #WorldReady regardless of marketing expertise or budget.

Emma Brown, director of brand and communications at The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation said: “Our ambition was to create a campaign which celebrates the inspirational young people and adults involved in the Award around the world. By encouraging the Award family to share their stories and experiences, we hope to also champion the important role that non-formal education can play in helping young people to be ready for the world. We have been delighted with the response to the campaign to date and look forward to seeing it unfold in the weeks and months to come.”

Dragon Rouge’s digital creative director, Nik Finan, added: “We’re immensely proud of the fact that this campaign has harnessed the power and enthusiasm of the Award family from all over the world. Of course, shooting content in each of the Award countries with a traditional film crew would have been logistically impossible, but this campaign shows that with some clever thinking around today’s digital technology you can create emotional content that really resonates with audiences on a relatively small budget.”

The World Ready website can be viewed here.

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