Rakuten Marketing data claims 74% of UK marketers are missing out on global opportunities

New research has highlighted the scale of squandered opportunity for UK marketers with figures showing that 74% are missing out on global opportunities owing to a lack of regional focus.

Rakuten Marketing found that despite the blown opportunities two-thirds of UK marketers believed that overseas customers were both wealthier (62%), younger (64%) and digitally savvy (71%).

Such sentiments are particularly pronounced in the Asia-pacific area where 82% believing the regions customer base to be ‘premium buyers’.

One of the biggest marketing opportunities of the year, Single’s Day in China, is now looming large during which shoppers will splash an estimated $25bn on Alibaba, greater than the sum spent on Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined, but just 13% of UK marketers afford it 'priority'.

Anthony Capano, managing director of Europe, said: “In Britain alone, as many as 35% of transactions driven for Rakuten Marketing clients are now taking place overseas. Marketing teams must start focusing on these demographics and carrying out thorough research into local consumer behaviour and trends to inform campaigns.”

To redress this imbalance Rakuten recommends marketers must embrace additional platforms such as WeChat, Weibo and Renren.

Previous research has shown that nine out of ten UK marketers now manage their campaigns globally.