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The Drum Advertising Awards 2018 finalists announced

The Drum Advertising Awards 2018 finalists announced

It’s time to reveal who's made the shortlist for The Drum Advertising Awards.

According to chair person, Nick Law, chief creative officer at Publicis Group, there was a time when the industry was obsessed with doing integrated campaigns, checking off boxes and creating multiple assets that were pushed out through various channels.

“The trends I am seeing now, is that you come up with one very beautiful and interesting asset that can belong in many places,” he explained. “We are realising that if you create something that is going to grab someone’s real attention and it's going to say as much about the audience as it does the brand, then you can put it in a lot of interesting places.

“I'm seeing these little pearls and they might be films, small social memes etc, things that are traditionally small and tactical but because they are so interesting they go wild, they cross multiple formats and they work a lot harder than those old cumbersome multi headed things we used to make.”

One category that stood out for the judges was Art Direction. Originally an art director himself, judge and creative director at Adam and Eve DDB, Matt Finch says that craft in advertising is still very important. “The idea is key but if you don't execute it properly then you're letting yourself and your idea down,” he insisted. “We saw some very nice craft from the entrants and in particular, I saw one idea that I suggested be moved into this category, it was entered in but it was done so well that I felt it deserved to be looked at in that light.”

The finalists for Art Direction are: AmazeRealise for Lexus, Uncommon Creative Studio for Habito and Uncommon Creative Studio for Ovo Energy.

A finalist in the Art Direction category

Another area that took the judges interest was media and entertainment. Co-founder of Talenthouse and member of the judging panel, Maya Bogle felt that the brands and agencies took difficult briefs, came up with a brilliant interpretation leading to great work that was executed fantastically.

The finalists for Media and Entertainment are: Cheeky Communications for Call Flow Solutions Ltd and McCann London for Microsoft, Fifa 18.

A finalist in the Media and Entertainment category

“It has been fascinating to see how brands are leaning into every category of technology at once,” concluded Facebook London’s global creative strategist and Judge Elizabeth Valleau.

“An interesting trend that we noticed is the inclination to capitalising on almost every kind of media. To me says that we're still trying to figure a lot of things out, that big brands are still looking for the sweet spot where they are talking to the right people in the right way.

“At the moment it seems like brands are spreading a wide scatter. However, it's going to become more fluent, particularly with new technologies, that we'll start to see that scatter become narrower and more targeted, trying to reach the real people who are following those media outlets.”

A full list of the finalists can be found here. The awards ceremony will take place at The Postal Museum in London on 29 November, tickets and tables can be purchased now.

Sponsors of these awards are Talenthouse and the Financial Times.