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ParticipAction campaign claims exercise improves love, sex, sleep and even pooping

Exercise is a tonic that can do everything from giving you more energy to helping your sex and bathroom life, according to a new campaign from Zulu Alpha Kilo for ParticipAction.

ParticipAction is a non-profit organization that helps Canadians move more, and it has just launched a new national campaign to show Canadians all the things in daily life that improve when you get active. This is part of a long-term movement to help shift attitudes and perceptions beyond the traditional benefits of physical activity, such as weight loss.

According to the organization’s research, approximately 87% of Canadians agree they need to be more physically active. But over half of Canadians say that the daily grind gets in the way. It seems many try to check off the boxes of daily life first, and then look to add activity.

“We needed to flip the equation,” said Elio Antunes, president and chief executive of ParticipAction. “We knew we had a chance to show Canadians that if they incorporated physical activity into their day, so many aspects of their life could improve.”

In a recent ParticipAction survey, Canadians ranked their energy level, quality of sleep and stress management as top aspects of their life they would want to improve if they had the chance. The new platform allows the company to showcase to Canadians how physical activity can help them improve all aspects of their lives – from thinking, mood and relationships to sleeping, ageing and even sex.

The national campaign includes digital and TV ads, billboards, transit shelters, social media content, and radio. Each TV spot opens up on a colorful scene with an average Canadian doing a physical activity such as swimming, dancing, judo and hacky sack. The spots then go on to show those same people experiencing how physical activity has made an aspect of their life ‘better’ - showcasing them happily sleeping, unwinding in a bath, bonding with a partner over pottery making or enjoying their time in a bathroom stall.

The campaign also features a billboard stating 'Poop Better' in large type, with other headlines like 'Think Better', 'Love Better' and 'Unwind Better' to showcase the range of ‘betters’ one can achieve with physical activity.

“We wanted to bring a fresh approach to communication around physical activity to refresh the image and message of ParticipAction,” said Zak Mroueh, chief creative officer and founder of Zulu Alpha Kilo. “We had an opportunity to bring more meaning to the lives of Canadians by showing big, bold unexpected visuals rather than the traditional visuals usually shown in relation to being physically active.”

Messaging also includes practical tips and information, with further initiatives including a digital engagement tool, and in the spring of 2019, a community challenge that will encourage Canadians to become more active together. The national campaign will run until March 2019 and was developed in partnership with Cossette Media.

See the videos and examples of the work by clicking the Creative Works box below.

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