Facebook embraces Messenger minimalism with streamlined app

Facebook has launched a minimalist redesign of its Messenger app

Facebook has produced a spartan new look for its Messenger communications app by stripping out extraneous clutter in favour of clean expanses of white.

Streamlining an unwieldy nine tabs to just three, the latest iteration seeks to go back to basics by better organising functionalities which had been shoe-horned in over the years while adding some new tricks of its own.

Explaining the changes Messenger vice-president Stan Chudnovsky said: “Development is a sequential thing. You build a feature, and then you build another feature, and then you build another feature, and they are piling up. We need to be simple again, and we need to be powerful.”

New functionality includes a ‘Chats’ tab which orders recent messages in chronological order. A ‘People’ tab lists all contacts while the third and final ‘Discover’ tab serves as a dumping ground for games, brands and other miscellanea.

In order to streamline the app's functionality, Facebook has had to be more innovative in its navigation, allowing swiping from within the Chats and People tabs to access features such as video chats and photo sharing directly.

Facebook Messenger has been engaged in a charm offensive with advertisers in recent months to bolster revenues.

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