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Twitter purges far-right accounts connected to InfoWars

Twitter purges far-right accounts connected to InfoWars

Twitter has joined its Silicon Valley stablemates in launching a purge of far-right accounts connected with the notorious conspiracy theory and fake news platform InfoWars.

According to CNN eighteen individual accounts were suspended in the operation which targeted posts seeking to circumvent a ban on material promoting both InfoWars and its founder Alex Jones in September, when Twitter imposed a permanent suspension on the back of violations to its abusive behaviour policy.

This followed an earlier decision to suspend five other accounts which had similarly been connected with attempts to flout the rules.

News of the fresh wave of suspensions follows similar moves elsewhere with Spotify removing Alex Jones podcasts on hate speech grounds, hot on the heels of similar measures by Facebook and Apple.

Today’s move was prophesied by Samuel Scott, a columnist for The Drum, who predicted a new wave of global social media regulation last month.

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