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The World View: What’s Next For TV?

We’ve waited with baited breath to find out what the future of TV looks like and finally we can reveal that we have some answers to bestow upon the industry.

The Drum and RTL AdConnect are holding a breakfast event next month in New York that unpicks the evolution of TV and offers some insight into the changes and their effect on the industry.

What with cross-platform viewing to contend with, traditional live TV, on-demand video streaming services, in-app video and social media, it’s no wonder marketers are confused and looking for clues on how to master the shifting medium.

Well look no further, all will be discussed at this session, including key topics such as how to tackle issues around audience measurement, ad tech, local vs global content, ROI and ad fraud.

As consumers are becoming more selective and authoritative over the sort of content they want to watch, US advertising continues to boom with a record €174bn spent in the last year alone. While European advertising ranks at a closely behind with a total spend of €103bn. And of all the profits generated, 71% are derived from TV ads leading experts to expect that TV advertising will only continue to grow as an industry.

Stéphane Coruble, CEO of RTL AdConnect, will predict the future of TV and look at the ways in which markets differ when it comes to content, consumption and connections. He will also consider the scale of the different markets and strive to understand how consumer viewing behaviours differ between the US and Europe.

“TV is still unrivalled when you think about its incomparable reach, quality content production, ad effectiveness, ability to innovate through addressable TV, new ways of programmatic buying, virtual reality, and most importantly its ability to adapt to all audiences” said Coruble. Far from on its knees, he says “TV is a driver of innovation - it drives search and response better than any medium, due in part to the rise of the second screen. When you put on-demand services and mobile platforms in the mix, TV’s potential in the digital age is unique.”

The Drum's newly appointed US editor, Ginger Conlon will lead a discussion with industry stakeholders around digital video, viewability, brand safety and addressability, as well as assessing the changes of the global video landscape.

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