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Short form video and the evolution of customer engagement

Olapic - Short-form video and the evolution of customer engagement

Video is a powerful component of an intelligent content mix. Today, as digital trends evolve, brands are investing further in video assets to drive experiences that are more dynamic for their customers. Still, ephemeral channels like Instagram stories and Snapchat have disrupted traditional video production, and challenged brands to develop shorter, more personalized content to address their audiences.

To uncover how brands are currently activating short-form video in their engagement strategies, Olapic collaborated with Worldwide Business Research (WBR) on a survey of marketing leaders. Download the full report to learn insights such as:

  • 90% of marketers surveyed are using short-form video in their marketing efforts
  • 74% of marketers surveyed report short-form video performs either “exceptionally well” or “very well” in campaigns on Facebook
  • 66% report a lack of production quality as an obstacle in activating short-form video across channels

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