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How programmatic is changing out-of-home

Buying out-of-home ad space has entered the 21st century, and Clear Channel Outdoor is looking to lead the way.

Wade Rifkin, senior vice president of programmatic for Clear Channel Outdoor Americas, helped launch the nation’s first programmatic OOH solution in 2016. Two years later, after initial testing with a handful of partners, the company’s pool of inventory has grown and it’s taking on more advertisers in more verticals.

“It’s exciting to see both some advertisers that have a big out-of-home investment and strategy find a new form that’s additive to their existing investment,” says Rifkin, “and to also see advertisers that haven’t thought of out-of-home in a while, or ever, glom on to it and start to test the waters because they love the real-time biddability, the flexibility, the control, and even the ability to optimize.”

Clear Channel Outdoors’ modernized approach to ad buying goes hand-in-hand with the company’s suite of data solutions – RADAR – which combine to help clients more precisely evaluate measurement and attribution of their campaigns.

Programmatic OOH buying only works if it’s built on a foundation of reliable customer research and an encompassing understanding of the needs of clients looking to expand their omnichannel presence.

Watch the video above to learn more.

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