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The Drum’s Diane Young in conversation with Gary Vaynerchuk on blockchain

Gary Vaynerchuk, chief executive officer of digital agency, VaynerMedia, is well versed in social media and voice technology, however he also claims to know a lot more about blockchain than most marketers.

In a video interview with The Drum’s CEO, Diane Young, he shares his philosophy on this new technology, saying, “the way to keep up is by not wasting time on dumb shit.”

It amazes him how much time marketers and brand managers spend debating the creative. He thinks that if these people didn’t spend four hours in a meeting, talking about whether a video was funny or not, perhaps the real issue could actually be resolved.

“At the moment that they spend four hours in a creative review,” prophesises Vaynerchuk, “the creative should have already been tested, let alone debated. Often, it’s four hours that could have been spent educating, being a practitioner of voice tech or blockchain or making updates to Instagram.”

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