By Imogen Watson | Senior reporter

October 17, 2018 | 2 min read

As part of Barclaycard's ‘Start Today’ campaign, the bank has partnered with rapper Nadia Rose for a fairy-tale inspired ad that aims to encourage people to get started on things that matter most to them.

Croydon-born Rose was chosen to front the campaign as she demonstrates what hard work can achieve, and that the world doesn’t just hand out success on a plate.

The short film, which uses a combination of animated and real-life footage, unfolds like a modern-day fairy-tale.

And, like all good fairy-tales, it opens with a storybook that reads “Once upon a time there was a girl who dreamed of being a rapper…”

Paralleling the story of many folklore maidens before, that sat around waiting for good fortune to come to them, the narrator professes that “dreams are magical things made of wishing and waiting.”

In tune with the campaign's message to not sit around waiting for the world to begin, frustrated Rose disrupts the animation, proclaiming: “Enough of wishing and waiting, my story ain’t playing out that way. This is how my story is gonna go…”

The story then leaves the pages of the storybook, and steps through the threshold to reality outside.

Rose and her entourage proceed to move through the streets dancing, with the rapper’s quick-witted lyrics enthusing Barclaycard’s messaging on the chorus: ‘Let’s take action, make it happen.’

Alex Naylor, UK marketing director at Barclaycard, said: “Start Today is all about helping more people realise their passions and not put off what they could be doing today. Nadia’s story struck us as the most authentic example of this and the video captures Nadia inspiring young people around the country to take action and make their aspirations a reality. The new campaign chimes with Barclaycard’s brand promise to help more people move forwards every day.”

The multi-channel campaign featuring the new film debuted on 13 October across TV, cinema, social media and Barclaycard owned channels, and kickstarts a fresh approach to Barclaycard’s ‘Start Today’ brand positioning.

Barclaycard: Start Today, Make It Happen

By Barclaycard

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