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Currys PC World unveils finale to its 'Beware Kitchen Envy' series

Currys PC World has unveiled the final film in its ‘Beware Kitchen Envy’ series directed by Andrew Gaynord, to promote the new AEG SenseCook Electric Oven.

The film, titled 'Green Eyed Oven' was created by AMV BBDO and produced by Mindseye. Set at an evening drinks party, it follows a husband’s torment as he displays a deep concern for his wife’s presumed wandering eye.

After pulling her aside to confront her on her unfaithfulness, the wife responds with the phrase that all married people dread – “I’m just not happy.”

However, it soon becomes clear that the couple’s domestic problem is not quite as the husband originally imagines.

In fact, the domestic problem is closer to home, as her dissatisfaction is not towards him, but towards her kitchen appliances.

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