Organ donation ad in Australia featuring Jesus causes outrage

An advertisement on organ donation that features Jesus is causing outrage in Australia.

The ad, created by organ donation group Dying To Live, depicts Jesus’ crucifixion scene, where two Roman soldiers with Australian accent, ask Jesus if he would like to donate his organs while he is hanging on the cross. When Jesus replied that he would, the Roman soldiers ask him to go online to register as an organ donor and then take a selfie with him.

The two and a half minute ad has received largely negative responses from the public, as well as Islamic community figure Keysar Trad and the Anglican Bishop of South Sydney Michael Stead, with the former saying the ad “showed irreverence towards venerated figures" and will cause offence to some Muslims and Christians, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Stead added that some people “might be offended by the Monty Python-esque humour", but ultimately it uses the self-sacrificial example of Jesus to communicate an important message.

National watchdog Ad Standards is considering banning the ad from TV after receiving a number of complaints.

The Australian market is no stranger to ads that cause religious offense as the Meat & Livestock Association in Australia was reprimanded for its ad, created by The Monkey's last year.