Nearly 80% of cable subscribers also stream digital video, study finds

Nearly 80% of cable subscribers have also been using streaming video platforms, said a study conducted by video advertising SaaS platform Telaria, and Adobe Advertising Cloud.

The two released the study, called ‘Inside the Minds of Cord-Cutters and Cable-Keepers’ in hopes to illustrate the experiences and behaviors of an array of TV consumers.

For those ‘cable-keepers,’ nearly a quarter of their time has been spent on streaming platform. However, 42% have continued to rely on traditional TV — as a means of viewing live programming, like sports, news, and event-based programming.

Much of the reason why consumers stick with their cable boxes is their reliance on that same kind of programming. 21% of cable subscribers said they wouldn’t know where to turn for TV content if they were forced to cut the cord completely. And compared the 77% of cord-cutters who have shown satisfaction with the price of their streaming subscriptions, only half of cable subscribers like what they pay.

One of the other major hurdles for cable-keepers: their lack of knowledge of the myriad of options available to them. 55% of these consumers find the amount of options confusing.

Karen Ring, Telaria’s head of research, addressed this in a statement: “Once CTV services address the consumer confusion around streaming options and better communicate the live content available on their platforms, consumers will have a higher comfort level streaming. As viewers continue to increase time spent with CTV and ad supply increases, marketers need to learn how to create an effective advertising strategy that spans all types of TV.”

Indeed, advertisers have seen the potential of CTV and OTT, as ad spend looks to increase substantially for providers like Roku and streaming services like Hulu looking to grow upwards of $200m in ad spend come 2022.