Farmers summons the undead Halloween-themed life insurance spots

Farmers Insurance has enlisted the help of the undead — a mummy, a vampire and a zombie to help get customers getting their life insurance policies in order.

The spots, which fall seamlessly into the overarching 'We Know From Experience' push starring actor JK Simmons, have each ghoulish narrator casually saunter, hike, or practice yoga moves around the living.

In Cardio of the Dead, a zombie jogger limps down a path, checking her pulse to no avail: “Still nothing.”

Van Hiking plays off of the fabled Dracula, but decked out in mountain-climbing gear. And Downward Sphinx is driven by a mummy yogi contorting as ear-cringing crackles nearly drown out her lines of monologue.

Ironically, the familiar, “We know a thing or two, because we’ve seen a thing or two,” sounds more serious as a pitch for life insurance from the undead. Even Farmers’ chummy ending ends in a ghastly cackle that wouldn’t be out of place at the end of Thriller.

This campaign has been scheduled to run online via digital placements, and on Instagram and Facebook through Halloween.

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