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NewsMediaWorks highlights importance of trusted journalism in news media to advertisers in new campaign

The campaign, which is developed by PwC-backed Thinkerbell, targets advertisers and their agencies.

NewsMediaWorks, an organisation representing News Corp, Fairfax Media and Seven West Media in Australia, has launched a campaign to highlight the importance of trusted journalism environments in news media to advertisers.

The campaign, which is developed by PwC-backed Thinkerbell, targets advertisers and their agencies, aims to explain why trusted journalism is important for advertisers as an Adtrust study from Galaxy Research found that 22% of people trust what they read in social media, and newspapers are the most trusted media for both content and ads.

The study also found trust in media channels directly drives purchase intent, with 58% of consumers agreeing that the more they trust an ad, the more likely they are to buy a product or service.

“They say the company you keep defines you, it’s the same for brands and the context within which they choose to be seen,” said Peter Miller, chief executive officer of NewsMediaWorks.

“So, if you surround yourself with the truth, you in turn will be trusted. As Australia’s most trusted news media, we’re the ideal place for brands to be seen and believed. The truth builds trust.”

“Journalism is what draws readers to our trusted news brands. More than 16 million every month. It is this environment of trust in the news content that defines our news brands and, in so doing, produces tremendous opportunities for advertisers.”

The campaign will point to, which will then direct advertisers and agencies to the study findings. It will also feature a range of executions in newspapers with messages like “It’s what’s on the other page that makes this space so powerful”, “For why this ad works, see above”, and in digital “Surround your brand with articles your customers trust”.

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