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Brands in Motion: the research

Brands in Motion: the research

Brands live in a world of constant motion. Economics, culture, competition, crises, regulation — every little moment affects how consumers see you. And bad news — you don’t have control over any of it. So are you propelling your brand, or is someone or something else? Or is it both? And what can you do about it?

WE Communications, in partnership with YouGov, set out to understand this world of motion — and how brands might harness that movement to navigate the complexities of disruption and dislocation, and win consumers’ love.

Brands in Motion is a global study of how consumer perception shifts over time. The 2018 iteration of Brands in Motion surveyed more than 25,000 consumers and B2B decision makers about eight categories across eight global markets. What did we find? A set of new realities and insights that show how consumer attitudes shift over time, and data-backed principles brands can use to help them navigate an always-changing world.

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