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Ads We Like: W+K Brazil and Lobo craft delicious scenes of carnage for Lacta 5Star chocolate

Chocolate, caramel and crunchy bits create havoc in an animated campaign for Mondelez’s Lacta 5Star chocolate bar.

International creative studio Lobo worked with Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo to craft a sugar-coated world in the campaign, ‘Chocolate World’ for the confectionary treat. In the six spots, a cocoa community is assaulted by torrents of extra-terrestrial cookies wreaking graphic cartoon havoc on the citizens below.

In ‘City of Chocolate’ the chocolate residents go about their cocoa-filled lives until cookie asteroids plummets to earth, smashing residents, buildings and cars, unleashing a torrent of caramel that devours the chocolate world. Pan out, and the Lacta 5Star bar appears.

‘Rock Paper Scissors’ finds two choco-people playing the hand gesture game, when both are crushed by a cookie asteroid. Similar catastrophic scenarios play out in space, on a ski hill and in a garage.

Each spot ends with caramel-laden tragedy as the camera pans back, revealing that all of the activity actually takes place inside a Lacta 5Star chocolate bar, which blends the three ingredients.

The animation is playful, even in its carnage (near decapitations, impaled heads), and, even if the viewer doesn’t speak Portuguese, it’s obvious that the spots are promoting an “explosion of flavors and textures.”

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