By Taruka Srivastav, Reporter

October 10, 2018 | 2 min read

Volkswagen highlights its latest model Amarok V6 ultimate 580 with a behind the scenes ad

The campaign titled 'Too Powerful for TV' conceptualised by DDB Sydney features a British director highlighting the capabilities of Amarok with a toy car and simultaneously real footages are shown of Amarok driving up the hill despite boulders tumbling down.

As the director narrates his plan for the ad, the austere safety officer points out how the scene will be deleted as it violates the advertising code of conduct. The director then moves on to a new idea of Amarok overtaking two megatrons. However, the same is depicted through images.

It further builds on the previous Amarok campaigns from DDB Sydney, The Naked Ute and Korama, which were also all about leaning into the problem.

The campaign, supported by digital and social, is launched with a series of teaser films and is followed by a 60-second broadcast spot during Bathurst.

Volkswagen commercial vehicles national marketing manager Nick Reid said: “With 580Nm of torque, and 200kW on Overboost, the new Amarok V6 Ultimate 580 is the most powerful ute in its class - a product benefit most marketers dream of. The problem we’ve got is actually demonstrating that power.”

“So,the idea behind our new campaign is to show it, without breaking a single advertising code of conduct. We’re getting the punter onside with us, taking them on a journey and giving them what we all want to see – a powerful ute doing powerful stuff, in an entertaining way,”

DDB Sydney creative partner Jade Manning said: “We needed to punch above our weight in a big way with this new Amarok campaign. We don’t have the media to engage in a war of attrition with our competitors, so we need to deliver big, fame-driving creative - work that is going to stand out in this world of ‘ute-vertising’.”

“For me, the real fun is the things we couldn’t show. Every time the ute engages in activity that would otherwise be deemed ‘reckless’, a technique is employed to show us, but at the same time not show us, what it did. It’s almost more entertaining not seeing it.”

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