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The i attacks 'Machiavellian' Boris Johnson in ‘See every angle’ ad

The i attacks Machiavellian Boris Johnson in ‘See every Angle’ ad campaign

Johnston Press-owned The i has rolled out a humourous ad campaign that takes a swing at former mayor of London Boris Johnson’s efforts to secure the leadership of the Conservative Party.

The publisher is looking to highlight the power of its coverage, and its ability to visualise the big issues, by tying into BoJo’s speech at the Tory Party conference. Agency Atomic London delivered the creative that will run in print and at out of home spots nationally.

On stage Johnson “slammed” Theresa May's Brexit plan, describing it as a "cheat" that could lead to a boost for the far-right. It comes days after he ran through a field of wheat to mock Therasa May's admission that it is the naughtiest thing she's ever done. MP Tom Watson had already conducted this joke months earlier.

Dave Henderson, creative partner at Atomic said: "The campaign was inspired by the colourful, modern way The i newspaper presents its news; in a sharp, insightful, and visually engaging way.

"We hope this eye-catching approach can drive home the importance of impartiality…that The i leans neither to the left nor the right, and lets the reader see every side… and ultimately gain even more sales for a newspaper that already outsells the Guardian two to one.”

The ad described Johnson as Churchillian, Vaudevillian and Machiavellian. The copy is especially relevant after Johnson's efforts to topple PM May.

The Johnston Press is looking to grow the online footprint of The i. It has grown profits at the company ever since buying it from ESI Media.

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