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The Drum Marketing Awards USA makes its debut for 2019 at Advertising Week New York

The Drum Marketing Awards USA make its debut for 2019 at Ad Week New York

It's Advertising Week New York and what better way to celebrate than announcing that The Drum Marketing Awards are coming to the US.

These awards are designed to ensure individuals, agencies and in-house marketing teams get the recognition they deserve for producing amazing work. For 2019, we are launching the awards in the states.

Make sure you come along to our pop-up pub, The Drum Arms at McHale's Bar and Grill on 251 West 51st Street on Wednesday October 3, 5pm onwards for some serious insights and fun.

The judging panel includes industry experts from Diageo, the United States Tennis Association, the Madison Square Garden Company, the Empire State Development, the UK’s Department for International Trade, Borro Private Finance and CA Technologies.

Global marketing director of Diaego, Neil Shah believes that the narrative within the industry has recently been about diversity across the spectrum, from marketing teams in-house and agency to directors and production partners to talent who appear in the work.

“I can only see this increasing and it will not only lead to stronger results, but it’s also the right thing to do for society.

“The Drum Marketing Awards USA is a great way to celebrate some of the awesome work our industry creates, as well as highlighting marketing’s role in growing businesses and building connections with consumers and customers.”

Head of marketing at the UK’s Department for International Trade, Clare Risman wants entrants to make their work stand out. “Demonstrate your creativity and innovation and importantly identify what difference and impact it had,” she says. “Be kind to the judges, submit entries that are clear, concise and in plain English.

“There is a level of cynicism around advertising, marketing and PR so it is a great opportunity to stop and celebrate the excellent work of the industry. And who doesn’t want to be recognised by The Drum?”

Shah concludes: “I would love to see emotionally engaging creative work that’s underpinned by data-driven insight and deployed in an impactful way.”

The Drum Marketing Awards USA are open for entry. Make sure you download your entry pack now and be in with a chance to show our panel of industry experts, and the world, your amazing work. The deadline is January 25.