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Tribal Worldwide banks in on consultancy talents for its TX launch in Asia

Tribal Worldwide banks in on consultancy talents for its TX launch in Asia / Tribal Worldwide

Tribal Worldwide Asia has unveiled Total Experience (TX) consultancy for which the company has lured in consultants from Annotate Consulting and Deloitte Digital.

TX aims to provide clients across Europe and Asia with integrated solutions and offers six core practices, each led by a specialist. The core practices are business consulting which is led by Michael Jung, data science led by Dr. Shorful Islam, customer experience led by Pierre Croft, technology engineering led by Herry Budiyanto, creative and social led by Benson Toh, Benjamn Lee and Josiah Ng, and Equator by Yak Yih Cheng.

Jeff Cheong, president of Tribal Worldwide Asia said: “We want to effect transformative business change in today’s hyper-competitive and consumer-centric world. Total Experience not only delivers cutting-edge marketing solutions for our clients, it also fosters a stream of constant innovation.”

“We believe this new TX Consultancy has the unified solutions to create, implement and deliver exceptional business transformation. But of course, we must not forget we are still talking to humans, and that’s where we apply behavioural insights and compelling storytelling to connect with emotions and effect change."

Wendy Clark, chief executive officer of DDB Worldwide said: “Tribal TX is transformative marketing solutions, from two of our most innovative offices in Europe and Asia. We believe in agile and very smart solutions and TX gives our clients a very powerful edge with their marketing assets. It’s the intersection of creativity, technology and great marketing.”

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