Not another conference: the IAB’s Nonference aims to stimulate and educate

The IAB have come up with something a little different. Instead of the usual panel and keynotes, the IAB have looked into curating an event that stimulates, educates and, more importantly, gets you involved in the learning. Passive listening will not be on the menu. Neither will quoted statistics. A Nonference is born; not your average conference.

The IAB have worked with industry leaders across the digital landscape to curate interactive, educational and exciting sessions that will leave the audience wanting more. Don’t take notes, take part – that’s the motto. And you can decide exactly what it is you take part in. A wealth of sessions from ‘I’ve Got 99 Problems But a Pitch Ain’t One’ and A Question of Sporf to taking the Trump Test – it’s all covered.

Clear as mud? Take a peek at our full session breakdown and curate your #Nonference at

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