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Advertise advertising: How One Minute Briefs contributors would promote the industry

long live advertising the drum

If the very word ‘advertising’ makes you shudder in your skin, then we dare you to not to smirk, smile or sneer at our resurrection and reclamation of the word with our #LongLiveAdvertising campaign to rally up support for The Drum's upcoming Advertising Awards.

While some may think the advertising industry has had its day, we beg to differ. Which is why The Drum and the guys from One Minute Briefs have asked the public to submit their favourite gags to remind you of the power of advertising.

We’ve selected some of the best submissions below; but to see the full list of those entered, follow the #LongLiveAdvertising hashtag.

If you are looking to show off your advertising unashamedly, be sure to enter The Drum's Advertising Awards here.

See, advertising's not a dirty word. Anything but.

Don’t forget to submit your entries in to The Drum Advertising Awards as we’ve now extended the entry deadline.