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The impact of a direct intimate video campaign


By Dani Gibson, Senior Writer

September 26, 2018 | 6 min read

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People encounter multiple marketing campaigns on a daily basis and a well-thought out video campaign is more likely to break through the noise and reap the attention of its intended audience, says Brightcove vice president of corporate marketing, Britta Schellenberg.

The impact of a direct intimate video campaign

The impact of a direct intimate video campaign

Ahead of The Drum Digital Trading Awards USA, Schellenberg and senior vice president of sales, North America, Kash Razzaghi speak to The Drum about the impact of a direct intimate video campaign, why, storytelling should change for different age groups and what role storytelling has in video advertising.

Is the impact of a direct intimate video campaign greater than anything else to spur call to action to your audience?

Britta Schellenberg: Video is a powerful tool used to engage with audiences around the world, however, it needs to be done in an authentic, thoughtful, and immersive way to further connect with viewers to drive action.

In 2018, brands continue to amplify their story and messages with video. It’s about creating a personalized experience that viewers can connect with. If a viewer feels as though an experience was tailored to them, then the content is more likely to leave a memorable impression which is a win for the content owner.

In a world where a person encounters multiple marketing campaigns throughout the day, a well-thought out video campaign is more likely to break through the noise and garner the attention of the intended audience. Video has the potential to stop viewers in their tracks and help form a connection. Creating campaigns like this in today’s climate is not easy and only a few companies have mastered this, but when it is done right, the benefits are endless.

In an age of infinite media choices, should storytelling change for different age groups?

BS: Audiences of different ages will connect differently to stories. While common messages and themes may be woven throughout a campaign, there should be adjustments to draw in and engage with different audience segments.

Younger audiences will care more about how a company helps others or how the company’s values compares to their own. An advertisement or campaign directed at that audience should focus more on human interest or philanthropy. While older audiences react more to direct messages about performance and reliability.

What are the key rules when it comes to storytelling through video marketing?

BS: People need to remember to include the story. There are three components to making a successful campaign, the plot, the conflict, and the resolution. This formula will evoke emotions and take viewers on the journey with the subject in the video.

What is the role of storytelling in video advertising? And in our rush to embrace new technologies and formats, are we sometimes forgetting that the old rules — such as the craft of well framed, beautifully told story — continue to apply?

BS: The role of storytelling in video advertising is important as the most effective videos tell a story. Videos that evoke emotion, touch on the viewers pain and/or desires will be the ones that audiences connect to and easily recall down the road. A good story includes a plot, a conflict, and a resolution.

Short form video has been more of a trend of late, so this formula sometimes gets pushed to the side, as companies rush to embrace the latest and greatest in technologies and formats. However, telling a story is the tried and true way of connecting with viewers at all stages.

What has been the most successful/well-placed video ad campaign of 2018 so far?

Kash Razzaghi: All successful video ad campaigns connect with their audience through storytelling. There are three components in a successful campaign: the plot, the conflict, and the resolution. For a campaign to truly connect with the audience, there needs to be a clear storyline, so the viewer feels the pain of the conflict the same way the subject in the ad does. Then to finish out the video, the viewer needs to feel the same sense of relief with the resolution. Length of video matters much less than an emotion-evoking story that simply illustrates the change your product brings to the world.

One great example is Toms Giving Campaign.

This particular campaign started years ago and continues today with the latest installment coming from their trip to China.

This emotional storytelling draws viewers into the story with a vivid and incredibly descriptive plot that the world, unfortunately, knows too well. Their resolution brings a sense of joy to the viewers and helps them feel empowered to help make a difference through Toms.

How can B2B brands engage with their audiences through storytelling on video?

BS: Companies of all types should use video to support the brand, building awareness of the company, its culture, and its values. When viewers develop an emotional attachment to a company and brand through video, they are more likely to do business with said company. It’s authentic. Video allows B2B brands to translate what they do into powerful and compelling stories that everyday people can understand and connect with.

B2B brands needs to put themselves in their customer’s shoes, think through their processes and how the products and services offered are helping. Then create the assets that resonate with customers and potential customers and would be the most useful throughout the life cycle.

Brightcove is a sponsor of The Drum Digital Trading Awards USA. Entries are now closed but you won’t have to wait long as nominations will be announced on Tuesday 2 October. Tickets for the ceremony at the Edison Ballroom, New York City can be purchased now.

The Drum Awards Advertising Brightcove

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