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Clear Channel on how location data helps brands with OOH

Clear Channel Outdoor, Sunset Millennium in LA

As out-of-home becomes integrated and indeed, a measurable part of the marketing mix, it will be technology that will define the sector. To help bring data into the physical world, Clear Channel introduced RADAR, a suite of solutions that helps brands understand consumers’ real-world travel patterns and behaviors as they go about their day.

“I think most marketers understand that out of home works,” says Dan Levi, chief marketing officer at Clear Channel Outdoor Americas. “But we’re in a time [when] you need to be able to prove it. So what Clear Channel has been doing is investing in data, tools and developing solutions to prove it to our customer…and to help work with them to deliver the right kind of solutions that are measurable and that fit in the broader digital and mobile led ecosystem.”

“You want to try to reach people who shop at Target,” Levi adds, “And we can show you not just the billboards that are near Target, but more importantly, all the billboards that reach those people along their daily journey, as well as their path to get to the store.”

Understanding the consumer’s journey is fundamental to building a successful cross-channel marketing campaign, and it will be the focus of an upcoming panel at Advertising Week New York, which features Levi as a speaker.

The panel will analyze the intersection between data and human behavior as marketers shift from a device-centric approach to a human-centric approach. Because Clear Channel Outdoor lies in the middle of that intersection, Levi believes his company can deliver effective and innovative solutions to its customers.

“Out-of-home is a medium where you can actually measure audience segments,” Levi says. “You can actually have an understanding of who you’re reaching, what the impact is, and you can optimize. It connects back to the Advertising Week panel concept because it’s all based on the idea of not just location, but audience, people and location. And the way to do that is we have a deep understanding of what people do and where they go in the real world.”

This data-infused approached to OOH marketing comes at a tricky time with recent data regulations, like GDPR in the EU and California’s new consumer privacy act, giving consumers more control over who has access to their data, and changing how that data is collected. However, CCO’s RADAR is built upon a pool of anonymized mobile analytics that denotes consumer behavior and demographics adhering to data regulations. In addition, all RADAR data is opt-in for consumers via tech partners who’ve verified they’re compliant with industry and government regulations.

The panel on this humanized approach to marketing will be held on October 3, and Levi will detail exactly how Clear Channel Outdoor is leading innovation in the space, and what comes next.

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