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14 - 18 June

Hear me out: the future of creative is sound

Imogen Watson

senior reporter, creative

Dr. Rupy Aujla


Jack Preston

director of Acast creative, UK+ & US

Bacardi preps for Halloween with zombie-themed spot that borrows from horror classics

Halloween costume and party planning has already begun, and Bacardi is betting that people are ready for the frights and delights of the season.

All summer, Bacardi celebrated its dance-filled campaign, ‘Do What Moves You,’ but come Halloween, the brand will make people move by jumping out of their seats with a spooky new Halloween cocktail film reminiscent of old-school horror flicks, by BBDO New York.

More than just a recipe video, Bacardi’s Halloween cocktail film draws inspiration from horror classics like The Shining, The Ring, Saw and Psycho – so viewers can really get in spirit as they mix up libations fit for the occasion.

The film transports viewers into a first-person POV of someone inserting a mysterious video tape (aptly marked with the brand’s bat logo) that plays instructions for the creepy Bacardi Zombie cocktail using jarring, horror-inspired props and camera techniques. From the Shining’s eerie hallway scene (with bottles of rum this time) to a lemon and lime being stitched together, to an orange being savagely impaled and a monster coming out of the screen, there is plenty to bring the fright to the cocktail world.

A delicious, haunted Halloween cocktail waits on the other side for viewers who dare to watch the full video.

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