'Marketing has to be genuine and real,' says Volvo's SVP brand and strategy

Volvo is aiming for 25% of the plastic in its cars to be recycled by 2025 / Volvo

Volvo's senior vice-president of strategy, brand and retail, Bjorn Annwall has highlighted the importance for the brand to be relevant and genuine and sending out a credible message in an interview with CNBC.

Anwell emphasised how brand marketing isn't just about telling stories but should actually reflect change; not just the message that 'something is changing.' Anwell gave the example of Volvo's 'Ocean Race' – a round-the-world sailing contest that this year also seen the firm collect data on the concentration of harmful microplastic in the sea in different parts of the world.

Anwell told CNBC's Willem Marx that rather than just showing the Volvo name in conjunction with a race like that, the company was making something more meaningful by focusing on sustainability and how microplastics are impacting the ocean. He added that the exercise had caused the brand to reconsider how its cars can be designed using more recycled plastics.

Volvo is aiming for 25% of the plastic in its cars to be recycled by 2025. The car marque is further expecting 50% of cars coming off its production line to be sold via subscription.

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