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22 - 26 March

Festival for a rapidly changing world

Topics include: Direct to consumer / E-commerce / Data & privacy / Martech

The Drum Lab's New York Minute: do you want to take part in our new experiment?

photo credit: rawpixel

The Drum has launched a new venture this year called Drum Labs which looks to test out the latest marketing technologies in the market, and we are heading to the bright lights of the Big Apple.

Think of the Drum Labs as the marketing industry’s answer to the revered Which? or Good Housekeeping. We want to make it easier for our audiences to determine which marketing technologies are right for their businesses.

We are heading across the pond, during Advertising Week New York to show you all how we can stay on top of emerging technologies and choose the cutting edge products that will drive business forward and deliver ROI.

And we need your help. Do you hold a senior operations/digital/strategic role in your agency? Do you want the chance to feature in an exclusively selected independent panel and contribute your thoughts on If so, we would like to hear from you.

Please email for more information to take part in our very exciting, upcoming Drum Labs experiment.

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