Are you talking data in a mobile first world? The Drum Arms at Advertising Week NY

Mobile has become an extension of ourselves, and has the ability to impact the customer journey across the entire purchase cycle. With AI and other technological advances, there are more mobile data analytics and measurement solutions available to marketers today than ever before. So how do you connect these dots?

Join The Drum, Ogury and a panel of industry experts to talk about metrics that matter in that journey.

There’s an increasing requirement that brands become more data-driven and focused on building as tight a direct relationship with consumers as they can, allowing them to communicate with people in a much more targeted, personalized way. However, with all the choices available when it comes to mobile data analytics and measurement solutions, what technologies should marketers be investing in? Which data should be used to inform your strategy? How do you ensure you are not wasting your marketing spend on ‘bad data’, but instead harnessing quality data which will connect the dots and produce world class marketing strategies?

And in the post-GDPR world, the demand for clearer, more transparent and verified data means those businesses with a direct relationship with the consumer will be in the strongest position to maintain consent.

According to Evan Rutchik, general manager, Ogury, US : “As our expectations and awareness about the quality of data rise, it is becoming more and more apparent that too many marketing technologies are powered by artificial intelligence that is just that, ‘artificial’. These technologies are simply leveraging bad and incomplete data drawn from disjointed fragments of user behavior that don’t reveal the entire user journey."

If you want to deliver valuable, contextual recommendations to your consumers you need visibility into the entire mobile user journey. This will enable you to quantifiably measure a user’s mobile behavior to ensure increased engagement with your content and decreased wasted ad spend as you’ll only be reaching the most active, accurate and actionable audiences.”

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