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APAC escalates social media momentum with 92% using it for brand awareness

APAC escalates social media momentum with 92% of organisations using it to build brand awareness / Hootsuite

In APAC 92% of organisations are using social to build brand awareness, while 78% manage their brand reputation, as the region gains momentum to compete with USA, according to Hootsuite's Social Media Barometer report.

The research for the report was conducted between February and May of 2018 and summarises responses from 9,278 individuals on their organisation’s use of social media.

The report further states that 90% of companies agree that social media is important to stay competitive and 74% of respondents agree that social media will increasingly contribute to their company’s bottom line, with 62% of organisations noting social has moved outside the marketing team.

Meanwhile, 54% of executives revealed that they struggle to understand and interpret social data, and 52% struggle to stay on top of key social media trends.

Penny Wilson, chief marketing officer, Hootsuite said: “Our social media barometer report confirms what we’ve been hearing from customers large and small; that social media has become a critical channel for delivering a consistent customer experience across a business.

“With social increasingly how customers consume media; conduct research, ask questions and seek recommendations; make purchase decisions, engage with brands for support and show our loyalty, this is not a surprise. More organisations are discovering the value of social media within and beyond marketing, and the resulting direct impact it has on their bottom line.”

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