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Digital newsbrand trust still high with frequent readers, finds Pamco

Audiences maintain trust in established media brands

Established media brands are basking in a welcome ray of light after a new survey showed that readers continued to place high levels of trust in their content amid an onslaught of ‘fake news’ from more social media and other sources.

Digital engagement data compiled by The Published Audience Measurement Company (Pamco) found that frequent digital readers displayed high levels of both trust and engagement across published media with 81% trusting what they see with quality brands such as The Times, Independent, Telegraph and Guardian.

Further results showed that 91% agreeing that time spent looking or reading such content was productive and 70% felt a close connection with their publication of choice. Meanwhile, 68% agreed with the statement that the publications they had read provided them with content they couldn't access elsewhere.

Simon Redican, chief executive of Pamco said: “Our new engagement metrics show the high levels of trust readers place in established media brands and despite the proliferation of content available to consumers, that they still place great value in curated content from trusted brands. This, together with recently published findings from other industry bodies, demonstrates that quality of content delivers true value for both readers and advertisers.”

Pamco gathered their metrics from 35,000 face-to-face interviews conducted by Ipsos Mori.

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