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September 17, 2018 | 2 min read

Britvic recently created ‘the Museum of Childhood’ in order to help its marketing team for Fruit Shoot better understand the environment that kids today live within.

The purpose of the museum was to introduce the company’s marketing team to modern childhood and allow them to interact and see, first hand, the experiences of their lives and included video games, board games and other past time activities.

“My purpose of driving that is the ability and the time to spend in the shoes of consumers, not through a research group, not by watching a presentation, but by being fully immersed in their worlds… there’s nothing like a marketeer living it,” revealed Ash Tailor, marketing category director for Britvic.

The experience was split into four areas. Firstly, the marketers were introduced to the typical kid’s ‘bedroom’, with toys and technology that highlighted the key trends. From there, they were taken into a classroom, where a real-life teacher explained the typical curriculum and participants – much to their horror – were asked to complete a SATS test. Following this, they were introduced to the world of gaming. Two 11-years olds, playing the current culturally hot game Fortnite, explained to the marketers what it was about and gave them a hand-on demonstration of how to play.

Finally, the marketers were given an in-depth presentation by a child-psychologist about concerns of kids today, from how worried they are about the environment to the pressure of social media.

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Words by Stephen Lepitak and Jen Faull. Video by Jenny Cleeton.

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