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Consumer expectation of brand technology usage remains high

Consumer expectation of brands technology usage remains high

Consumers continue to have high expectations for brands to use technology to drive innovation according to new research carried out by We Communications.

Brands in Motion 2018 found that brand expectations remain high not just in innovation but in functionality and the ethical use of technology as well, with 97% demanding the latter.

Close to 50% of respondents believe that technology will boost productivity and improve sustainability but nearly all those asked demanded that these improvements be delivered in an ethical manner.

Such sentiments have been shaped by a number of data scandals, with 85% fearing that their personal data is no longer secure while a further 67% fret about the dangers of being a pedestrian in a world populated by self-driving cars.

Meanwhile 54% of respondents stress that future artificial intelligence will steal their jobs while and 94% are adamant that governments should intervene if brands cannot make use of technology ethically.

CEO Melissa Waggener Zorkin remarked: “We are seeing some compelling year-over-year shifts in customer attitudes. Consumers continue to have high expectations for brands to use innovative technologies, but most are afraid of how those same technologies might disrupt their lives. These fears are causing consumers to demand greater accountability from brands.”

The survey was produced in partnership with YouGov, drawing on the responses of 25,000 consumers and business leaders spread across eight global markets.

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