Stella Artois Chalice doubles as the ‘Ultimate Connected Device’

While Apple is releasing its latest version of the iPhone, Stella Artois is touting its own connected device, but one that is decidedly analog.

Titled ‘Meet The Ultimate Connected Device,’ the video playfully spotlights the features of the Stella Artois Chalice, all which have been meticulously designed to help people stay connected using the original ‘social network’ – gathering with friends over beers.

The cheeky video calls out different parts of the glass as would-be buttons on a mobile device. It starts by being 100% wireless. The star on the stem serves as a ‘touch activated’ button, while the bowl is ‘easily rechargeable’ (able to be refilled with Stella). Swiping is done with a tool to control the foam, rather than a finger-enabled dating choice.

Designed for real ‘face time’ the Stella Artois Chalice is meant to make any connection better with its enhanced LTE technology – laughing, talking and enjoying – not to mention, unlike other connected device, it has yet to be hacked.

Created in partnership with VaynerMedia, the content will live on Stella Artois’ YouTube channel with targeted distribution on Facebook. The video is an extension of ‘Joie de Bière,’ the brand’s recent campaign that utilizes sophistication, wit and charm to illustrate how much more enjoyable life can be when people set aside life’s modern-day distractions and be present in the moment.

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