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Buffalo Wild Wings celebrates the football season by urging people to ‘escape’ to the restaurant

For many fans, the football weekend is an escape from reality, a chance to shut off the rest of their problems and focus on the joys of the sport. Sports bar chain Buffalo Wild Wings knows that fact well, which is why their latest campaign shows people escaping their daily lives to enjoy the game at the restaurant.

‘Escape to Football’ explores the reality that everyone has commitments and obligations in life that can keep them from where they’d rather be on game day: watching football. A series of spots place characters in relatable life scenarios – being stuck late at the office, a PTA meeting, touring homes or taking family photos – that they ultimately escape from and arrive at Buffalo Wild Wings.

In ‘Family,’ a man is taking a family picture. As he backs up to get everyone in, he slowly disappears, a la Homer Simpson, into the bushes, only to emerge in Buffalo Wild Wings to thunderous applause. In ‘Tour’ a couple is taking a house tour, when he decides to escape the boring surroundings by jumping out a window. ‘Principal’ finds a man sliding down to the floor and crawling through the aisles of a school auditorium to escape the dull school presentation. In ‘Office,’ as the team introduces themselves, one employee climbs up through the drop ceiling, crashing through the other side to run to Buffalo Wild Wings.

Figliulo & Partners launched this, its second advertising campaign for the chain, just in time for the season, to reach its core fans.

"If you're a football fan, and have ever been stuck at a PTA meeting, or a late-night team building session, or trapped at a mind-numbing family function when the game is on, you know the primal place this campaign comes from. Buffalo Wild Wings is the place for those times, and pretty much any other football related occasion," said Scott Vitrone, partner and chief creative officer at Figliulo & Partners.

"The escapes were born out of the situations. We started with relatable annoying situations and played with different dumb ways to get out of them. We liked that the person escaping didn't really try to hide their ‘exit’."

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