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Credit Karma takes the stress out of credit approval in humorous campaign from Funworks


By Kyle O'Brien, Creative Works Editor

September 10, 2018 | 4 min read

Credit Karma is a company designed to take the stress out of applying for credit, and a new campaign by creative agency Funworks makes sure you know that, putting people into ridiculous situations to drive home the point.

Credit Karma

Credit Karma campaign

Credit Karma, an online service that delivers credit scores, reports, insights and all of the info people need to take control of your credit, knows that people have a certain level of anxiety when applying for credit, and they want to up the likelihood of approval before people hit “apply.”

Shot by Hungry Man director Dave Laden, with VFX by The Mill, the ‘Know Your Odds’ campaign features long-shot scenarios that are equal parts relatable and absurd. Each video is decidedly tongue-in-cheek, using humor to quell well-worn consumer anxieties about credit and explain why Credit Karma is a friendly, simple but powerful partner in helping people be their best financial selves. In one spot, a married couple is seen in bed. As they look like they might take things to another level, really, they’re just upping the ante on their technological distractions, from cell phones to VR headsets and intrusive drones.

In another, a man taking hair-growth medication has some hilariously unintended consequences, and his comically long ear hair becomes a fashion statement. A third finds a middle aged man in a tie at the rim of a skate pool, honing in on teen territory. As he confidently gets ready to drop in with his scooter, he instead performs a splat of a faceplant. A fourth ad shows people at a potluck getting sick thanks to an ill-advised shrimp dish. When the culprit asks if people want seconds, the voice over says: “odds of getting asked for the recipe, not great. Odds of getting approved for a credit card, pretty great.” It’s that juxtaposition of comic tragedy and assured positivity that fuels the campaign.

A fifth spot finds someone getting reincarnated as a worm, just before a bird gets to the scene.

“When we conceptualized the campaign, we realized that there are all of these negative emotions that come with credit cards – not necessarily with spending, but with approvals,” explained Funworks chief creative officer, Craig Mangan. “When you get denied for a credit card, it makes you feel down. We really latched on to that emotional truth and focused on the idea that if Credit Karma can help people know their odds of being approved for a credit card, they’ll feel better about themselves.”

‘Know Your Odds’ was born out of Funworkshops, the agency’s improv-inspired process that champions open conversation and collaboration (sometimes involving a few target consumers) toward quickly generating engaging concepts, strategies and content. Open to this effective methodology, Credit Karma proved to be an ideal partner for this new approach.

“Credit Karma has been a really collaborative group to work with. They’re very open-minded and naturally brave when it comes to taking a chance on a new idea. I also think that our Funworkshop brainstorming process helped them feel even braver. They’ve been an ideal client for us.”

This latest campaign is the follow-up to Funworks’ breakout Credit Karma campaign 'Max Your Tax Karma' which ran on social during Super Bowl 2018. ‘Know Your Odds,’ also includes a complementary social campaign.

See the spots by clicking on the Creative Works box below.

Credit Karma: advert-body-2 by Funworks

By Credit Karma

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