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Media Bounty team clean up at Brighton beach

Media Bounty went to work cleaning up Brighton beach.

Media Bounty’s summer social took a different form this year as they embarked on a beach clean in Brighton. Working with Brighton Council the whole team set about tidying the beach, armed with gloves, bags and litter pickers.

In addition to tackling the scourge of ocean plastic by clearing the beach of single use water bottles, plastic pint glasses and straws, the Media Bounty team also removed glass shards, broken beer and spirits bottles and hundreds of nails and screws where someone had burnt pallets on the beach.

Jake Dubbins, managing director of Media Bounty, said: “What was amazing was not just the litter that you have come to expect but the sheer carelessness of people that had left broken bottles and rusty nails on the beach. There were tons of kids running around, one step away from a trip to A&E and a tetanus shot.”

During the day the team got lots of support from the council, but also from residents, young and old, and from the local lifeguards, who were really appreciative of the work the team were doing.

The event was organised as part of Media Bounty’s volunteer program where every member of the Media Bounty team get 5 days on top of their holiday every year to volunteer for good causes.

Dubbins said: “Part of the company vision is about helping to protect our world for future generations and so the team do lots of volunteering work for environmental, homeless and social cohesion charities. This year we thought it would be great to get everyone together to do something worthwhile rather than just sit in a pub.”

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